Lucky Or Not? The Voodoo-ish Thing That We All Do.

Craft of beauty

The the king says to his servant “get me another pair of shoes, this one looks awful” and the servant nods, leaving at once to get a new pair of shoes. Then the king says “you know what, forget it, these shoes look just great I like them” and again the servant nods and returns the new pair.

We are often like that king, and our life is the servant. When you feel somehow about something in your life, life would often prove you right. For instance, you may be expecting your head to start aching because you just bumped head to head with your stupid friend who was replying to a tweet on her phone while walking (just as you were), and then your head would actually begin to ache. Well, you think it SHOULD ache so you don’t take note of the fact that it didn’t have to ache at all from that minor bump. And that it is only aching because YOU made it ache with your secret witch-ish craft. Have you ever wondered why you puke when you see something like, say, a cockroach walking on someone’s meal? Wait, it wasn’t your meal, you didn’t even eat the goddamned cockroach so what the hell is your problem. Is it because your mind briefly imagined what it would feel like to chew it with a spoonful of the food, and before you knew it your body began to actually REACT as though you had really eaten a cockroach? Well, that is only rudimentary evidence that your thinking CAN make real things happen to you in real life. Once you begin to imagine something you are bringing that thing closer to reality whether you know it or not. The great inventors gracing history’s hall of fame all started out imagining weird things, and by so doing they were demanding new pair of shoes (new explanations, new ideas, new discoveries) which life began supplying them. Secrets that have been hidden for ages somehow began to surface and find their way to the hands of these individuals until that which was only an imagination was brought to life as an invention.

“I don’t believe in pessimism. If something doesn’t come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it’s going to rain, it will” -Clint Eastwoodcookie moster

So are you now supposed to become paranoid, constantly worrying that cookie monster would show up in your bathroom unannounced when you’re taking a shower because, well, last night you couldn’t stop thinking about cookie monster? Errr…I don’t know. What am I, Cookie monster expert??!

Ok but seriously, paranoia is totally uncalled for here. Plus, some things take more work to bring to life (like those inventors had to work day and night to bring their imagination to life) while other things come easily (like when you puked the other time) so I bet cookie monster would take some extra work to bring to life. However, the thing to keep in mind is that instead of thinking yourself or your life affairs in negative or pessimistic light, why not just think them in very optimistic light. Like, don’t think you’ll miss something cool, think it would come straight to you like it was naturally meant to be yours. Don’t think someone would dislike you, think they would love you. The truth is that you never know when your mind has granted your wish because you would just think whatever happened was bound to happen that way anyway. But this isn’t so. I personally have had countless experiences of this sort. Like one time when I created a soundtrack while in a bad mood and thought it really sucked. But in order to be sure that I wasn’t just being biased cos of my mood, I asked about five different people to listen, and they all confirmed that it sucked. Separately. So I abandoned that soundtrack. Then about a month later my computer was playing on shuffle mode (Random music files) and I heard this soundtrack and thought “wow! this stuff isn’t that bad afterall” so I played it over and over and found myself in love with it. Then, just for fun, I renamed it and sent it to those same five people. THEN THEY ALL THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME!

Mere coincidence? No freaking way! And it’s little things like this that help me understand powerful concepts that run our lives with or without our knowledge. I made them dislike the soundtrack the first time because I had told life that it sucked, and life had obediently agreed. Then the second time I had told life that it was awesome, and again life had obediently agreed.

When you think about this incident perhaps you would understand why I’m suggesting that you avoid thinking bad stuff about yourself and your life and just think or imagine as much good stuff as your mind can come up with. You’re the best, the sweetest, the coolest. yes, you can do it. No, you are not afraid. No, you won’t fall down this time. Yes, it would turn out very pleasant. Yes, your shoes look just great, and No, cookie monster won’t show up in your bathroom. You get the Idea? If indeed you’re capable of creating self-fulfilling prophesies, then why not just use them to your advantage.


Dance Of The Beatific Tribe


Beatific Tribe

“Music has a fourth dimentional quality, and releases the soul from imprisonment. It makes wonderful things seem possible and easy of accomplishment……it puts her in perfect harmony and releases the imagination. Another woman often dances while making her affirmations. The Rhythm and harmony of music in motion carry her words forth with tremendous power”
-Florence Scovel Shinn.

The Dance of The Beatific Tribe is a Jazzy instrumental dance beat created by AleckZandah as a way to pass messages of Fun, Beauty and Harmony.

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Beatific tribe